Gearapalooza 2015

by - Monday, August 17, 2015



Me and hubby went to Gearapalooza here in Denver. It was hosted by bump club and beyond plus the baby guy! Gearapalooza is like the CES (Consumer Electronic Show, I'm comparing to this event coz I'm an IT hehe) They call it "the ultimate baby gear, registry event, 2015 tour for expectant parents"

 Before we sign in, we ate at this mom and pop shop taco place beside the event place. Wish I remember what was the restaurant name because the fish tacos was bomb!

Here is our ticket. We purchased the VIP Platinum that was sold out and a significant other ticket. The ticket was worth it right away because the baby carrier that comes in the goodie bag is almost $135ish.

The denver geapalooza was held in the highlands event center.

our fav among the vendors is the bib that made of silicon material and have great designs! We will go to Right Start for sure to purchase these!

 This was the real baby corner.

 This is how the theater looks like before the speech from the baby guy.

 Here are the products up for grabs. feels like we at Ellen Show getting prices or better yet Oprah.

of course we need selfie! ;)

the baby guy before his informative speech!

 During the tour and talk with the baby gear vendors, we had to get a sticker per product and if you got all the stickers from the vendors, you get to join the raffle!

 Luckily, our name was pick! and we won the Cybex Aton Q car seat and base. Since we didn't need the carseat. we gave it our dear friends lahari and ajar that happen to have a baby shower yesterday!

 The carseat is worth $350 so we really hit the jackpot! Here is my pic with all the goodies and prices!

Here is my hubby carrying the car seat price!

Here is the picture of all the prices and goodies we got! 

There were a bunch of vendors and one of our favorite Orbit baby was there too! 

Lots of food!

Over all we recommend the gearapalooza to everyone who are expecting, parents already or just planning a baby. It was very informative and we learned a lot of things we thought we knew but we were wrong!

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live life and enjoy!

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  1. This is the best function room in the city. The food they served was warm, fresh and tasty, and the panoramic window is a sight to behold on a clear day. The main hall at Los Angeles event space was similar to a club/lounge – however, it had more of an intimate feel.

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