Lily for Target!!!!!

by - Sunday, April 19, 2015



I got a bunch of stuff Lily for Target!!!! Happy Shopping!!!
Its all in ebay :)


 Tan Huge
 Beach Towel

Huge Pink Purse with green scarf

Huge Palm Beach Bag

 Huge Green Purse with Scraf

Huge Blue Starfish purse with blue scarf
 Yellow clutch with tassels

Green clutch with bamboo hand holder
 Decorative 4 plates
 Decorative 4 bowls

Starfish girls dress size 6/6x

Crocket white shorts Small
 Kids romper S 6/6x

Pink dress size 14 $100 and kids 4/5
Pineapple scarf
 Blue small top
 Pink dress size 6
 Green Pants
 Blue splippers size 8

Blue shorts with pompom Large

Blue splippers size 7
 Blue starfish size 4/5 kids
 Romper size 4 kids
 Blue kids 7/8 starfish
 Dress XS
 Iphone 6 case
 Stir sticks gold
 Giraffe bottle opener
 Clutch  bamboo
 Large white crocket
 Green kids top 6/6x
  Green kids top 4/5
 Starfish top Small
 Kids romper xs 4/5
 White shorts crocket L

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