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by - Wednesday, April 15, 2015



Happy Humpday!!!!

Ayden turns 15 months today!!!! woot!!!!

I just want to do a quick blog post since I got comments that my Instagram feed is mostly about food especially sushi. Me and my hubby always love to do dinner at sushi place. Back when we were dating, I don’t really enjoy sushi that much. But since my husband loves too much that I enjoyed having din dins with him in sushi restaurants. When we used to live in Downtown Denver, we always go to this place called Sonadas. Our fav spot is Sonadas in broadway or if we go 16th street, we enjoy Sonadas there. Unfortunately, Sonada in dtown shutdown.

Then when we move to Belmar, we enjoy Wasabi sushi since its walking distance from where we live. Then move few minutes away from Belmar, still we go back to Wasabi and enjoy sushi there.

Wasabi has this good happy hour and great size rolls. My fav is caterpillar roll and tempura.

Bento boxes are great too when I’m craving for lots of rice.

There was a contest that wasabi did before and I didn’t know I could win it. I thought facebook contest are just for promotion but hey! I won hehe

I’ve been wanting to post this blog post about sushi but I don’t know why I haven’t post my review until now.

5 out of 5 stars rate for wasabi. Here are some pics I took when we were in wasabi. If you want to see more of my Instagram feed, follow me in Instagram, link below!

Enjoy the rest of your hump day! :) 

Ps. this blog post is not sponsored. All opinions on my own.

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live life and enjoy!

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