Friday, November 17, 2017

1st Interview! Nacho Libre! Day of the Dead! //Sanchez Fun



Today's date are eleven and sevens. feels like up side down, stranger things kinda stuff. hehe did you watch the season in netflix? if not, thats the best netflix and chill to do this weekend.

or, visit the denver botanic gardens. we visited during the day of the dead celebration. So much cultural stuff about why mexican community celebrate such event. feels like im back in the philippines during these kind of event since we celebrate it too in the philippines. they have all saints day and all souls day holiday back home.

Anyway, we saw a nacho libre style movie boxing. Lots of activites for kids. Plus this vlog has Alyza's mini film about her first interview that will be showcase with Marvel. so excited for that project!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

ps. you ready for thanksgiving?

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live life and enjoy!



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  1. Congrats to Alyza! It's almost December, i hope there's going to be a lot of activities you'll do for Christmas too :)