Tuesday, April 4, 2017

22 hours flight to the Philippines! Colorado to Manila! //Sanchez Fun



This vlog is a 22 hours flight travel blog.

Ten hours from Denver to Tokyo.  Couple of hours lay over and then five to seven hours from tokyo to manila. couple of hours in manila airport. 

almost one day of just travelling!

I tell you, its not easy to travel with kids. especially a toddler. Thank goodness my hubby is there and the stewardess helped us too.

Enjoy this vlog and the next vlog will be the islands!!!


Snowie day here in Colorado. Spring snow. now i miss the island sunshine!

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live life and enjoy!



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  1. masaya naman pong mag travel kasama buong family:) nag stop over lang po ba kayo sa Japan?

    1. yes stop over lang :) next trip visit na :)