Friday, June 10, 2016

Filipino American Community of Colorado - Your Passport to the Philippines!



Oh Hello June!!! Hello hot weather! 100 degrees!!!

If you are wondering what to do this weekend that will be so fun, stop by the Filipino American Community of Colorado and join us celebrating Philippine independence day!

Free event!!!! Wear lots of sunscreen, hats and comfy clothes since its an outside activity!
(below our pics from last year, cant wait to blog new pics for this year)

Since our kids are born here in Colorado, i teach them to appreciate Filipino culture since I'm from the Philippines! We usually go to this event every year!

Filipino Cultural Group. Cultural activities and lots of food!!! Pancit and Halo halo!!!!

This year will be so much fun! Lots of things happening! 

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live life and enjoy!

*this is not a sponsored post, just helping Filipinos around Colorado spread the word *

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