Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Denver Zoo 2016! Mike's Camera event!



Can't believe its end of May already! I hope your memorial day weekend was great like ours!

Since i saw the video about that kid that fall into the gorilla cage, i was so sad and shocked. I just can't believe. i'm happy that the kid was safe and everything is ok.

Anyway, you guys know if you follow me on Instagram  me and my fam went to the zoo two weeks ago. There was an event that Mike's camera hosted where in you can borrow lens for few hours (after doing paper works and leave id and credit card). With the lens we borrow, we captured great shots of the animals in the zoo. Eagles, gorilla, giraffe, snakes and many more!

Watch this video and you can see how we spend the day at the Denver Zoo!

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live life and enjoy!

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